Five Types of Leadership

Type #1
You put aside everything just to help someone.
You care not what your job is; you do what needs to be done.
You show that other people matter more than they realize.
You disregard higher orders due to staying truthful.
Type #2
Nobody respects you, you feel so alone.
You are unsure what to do next, nor to whom to turn.
You decide to show the world that their opinions matter not.
You conquer your dreams, proving that nothing can stop determination.
Type #3
You have the chance to grab a dream anyone would want,
Yet, it means to make someone change everything they hold dear.
You take a stand and decline, this offer that seems so grand.
You will not create your own happiness by stealing another's,
Especially when the other person does not realize what they may lose.
Type #4
Something embarrassing has occurred; you feel so ashamed,
Yet you look the person in the eye and admit your misdeed.
You choose not to avoid it; you take it like a man.
You learn from your mistakes, and acknowledge errors in your past.
Type #5
No one else is doing it, you are scared out of your mind,
Yet you know this must be done, so you stand alone.
You fight all fears and show that you will not be pressured.
You stand up for what you believe in, even against the entire world.

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I have always been connected to the power of words, both written and oral. While my friends rushed out onto a sports field or court, I was one to slouch on the nearest couch with a good novel in one hand and a bag of chips in the other. I use writing to express my feelings and emotions or to simply remind myself of a life lesson I need to work on. This particular poem describes five members from my Birthright group who taught me the deeper meaning of leadership. Feel free to read my other writings at: