Flaco is Free

oh my friend Flaco you were such a beautiful soul, and since you went away life has been so dull.
I remember sitting outside in the summer blazing a dank ass bowl, and after that we told each other our dreams, ambitions and goals.
We started off as strangers then we became friends, it hurts me to sit here and except the fact your life came to an end.
The tragic news had reached my ears then after that I cried, hoping that the entire thing was all a big fat lie.
Every encounter we ever had flashed before my eyes, the day we laid you down to rest it hurt to hear your mothers cries.
I sat in wonder with tears streaming down my face, thinking of all the lives you touched and you did it with such grace.
As I stand next to yoshi tears fill both of our eyes, for we know you're looking down watching, dancing around the sky.
I glance around to see who all has came, and all I see is our friends crying, thinking how life will never be the same.
I see Rudy, I see Chapo, I even see Chuck too, it hurts to see the tears roll down the faces of your whole crew.
It hurts so much to know you're no longer here, I can recall every encounter we had, feeling as if looking in a mirror.
You and I were very much alike, we had a lot of similar views on this crazy thing called life. So with this shirt I've got for you, I'll make sure that it's creased, the only thing I know for sure is; Flaco finally is at PEACE...

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