a flame.hot to the touch cool to the taste.the wind whips so loudly
but it's so warm in here and cool in your pockets.
I want to feel the warmth despite the conditions.
the whole world ablaze but raining outside.
Ive always liked how ironic the conditions can be.
within your heart. within your head.
a parallel between the sun and the moon.
so in love, those two; yet they never meet.
why, rise and fall forward and back.
the sky set the fire to your insides-
and it's hard to understand;
that when push comes to shove you'd rather hide.
inside the pit of the deepest bluest sea.
submerged yet engulfed in the flames.
the salty fire whipping the sea into your eyes
its never been clearer that the more you endure the more you can take
the power lies in the heat;
the feeling of all forces bearing down with vengeance.
the most believable yet you wouldn't believe how i feel
If words can't explain it how else would I show you?
all i have are these words;this little amount of time-
there has to be a way in which I could cut through the sky;
dig a layer deeper than what you can see.
climb down into what you only have imagined.
release how you see, theres nothing greater than the worst leaving
ill take back every word I've said to just be. with you.
in the calmest fire.sit in the pain but feel nothing. together.
you can live or leave. release or keep. whisper or scream.
but when you sleep, you will be dreaming.

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