Flame Aspiration

By poof yo   

Bend the barbed wire in any way you like,
voices of the unknown.
Fleeting thoughts of the memories,
bare of skin and flesh and bones.

Rivulets of scarlet, dripping,
on a skeletal of candy floss.
Sun sulfur kisses, drowned in moonlight,
that seduce in mercury soaked grass.

Time is essence that ticks through her hips,
eccentric moans of writhing toxicity.
petal light lips for every whirlpool of tears,
ebony recollections of monopolization at its finest.

Sometimes his voice resonates through the tides,
yet when she wakes his affections are barren.
Lost amid the crowds of a crown she could never grasp,
drafted proposals sketched out in a wedding book of broken vows.

Ivory is a detestable shade of desolation,
a reflection shown in ripples of her disjuncture.

For she is so dusted with evil, scrubbed off of lace,
her beauty still reins little.

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