Flame in the Wind

A soft glow that banishes the darkness of the world, wrapping it in a sweet aroma, engulfing and consuming everything us. Our insides alluring yet painful to the touch, only to be admired.
We fight in the wind, others completely oblivious of its existence, even if they created it. Sometimes we can dance in it, others it becomes impossible to exist, sweeping us into the darkness.
They seal our lids and watch us suffocate after our first taste of air. Our insides slowly harden as we fade, the warmth fleeing from our souls. In their eyes we are pretty, as long as we are contained. Once they know of our destructiveness, our beauty in their eyes fades.
When handled carelessly, our bodies shatter into a million pieces. The cuts forming on your fingertips showing only a glimpse of the pain. Our bodies have always been capable of sharpening, flames always scorching, but we were never given a reason. Not until it was too late. The tough can never be separated from the beauty, they have always been a package deal, one side silently lurking in our souls. for even when we burn at our brightest, we burn ourselves to do it.

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