Flames of Life

One mirror, two candles, one towel
That's all it took
To set the house on fire
Bringing me close to my last breath
Almost eaten by flames
Choked by smoke
Like hands gripping my throat
The past is a chapter
In the book of my life
A few chapters foward
And hear I am
Alive, standing strong
Going to school with friends
Learing new things every day
More chapters to come
And I know life goes on

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This Poems Story

I recently turned 12 years old. There was a fire when I was eight months old following my great-grandfather's funeral. My grandmother and great-grandmother Helen Jacobson, who recently turned ninety-nine years old in 2011, got me out of the house in time. I love art and music. I have two dogs named Jack and Lucy. My family means the world to me. If my mom wasn't the person she is I would not have the great opportunities I have. So I say thanks to my family and I love you.