Scavengers were flying high
And i was sitting alone
Beside my graveyard,
It was midnight
I could feel the midnight bliss
Each ray of moon fallen upon
Blessed me with the divine glory.
Etheral was my state of psyche
Then i saw the peeple tree above
It was hanging upon my grave
And the moon was flashing above.
Upon it like the headlight
The branches felt like the chopsticks
Ready for the served noodles.
Night was getting deeper
And i was sitting alone with noone
Yes, i was alone
For my time was finished
I could only be a state
Not a matter of carbon
They buried my body
But forgot the soul above.
I still feel each moment
Each moment of my life
When i was among my dear ones
Never did i knew
I would have such a fate.
I still cherish them
For my last breath
It was when i saw my death
Standing beside to wake me up
Up there somewhere
I had never been.
When i was in the ICU
I could hear the beep sound
With each beep i lost it
I lost one whole beath.
And with another beep
I lost my worldly life.
And that was it
I saw him standing near.
And yes i could see my final rituals
Everybody cried except me
I was happy for i was lonely there.
Some said it right
Old age is the worst to deal with
Nobody beside the bed
And i lost her years back
She was my everything.
It was only then
I feel in love with the bed
Bleeding soul was mine
For every little moment
I lost, flashbacks never gonna end.
It was 3 am, i still adore
When i was taken without soma
Felt the icey cold
Yes, nothing feels so cold.
It was the funeral
Most lovely, for now
I could adore mine
Once and forever.
For every bouquet i was thankful
Hope to meet u guys
Somewhere here in graveyard.
I was still grasping
My breathe was tight.
Hick ups! Feels someone is missing
Yes my son ofcourse.
I still remember
How he bathed me
On bed .. Like i did
When he was the kid
He reciprocated well,
I am thankful
From the bottom
I was lucky, for
Not been thrown away
Inside the old age homes.
I was 70.
It was not late i guess
For i still remember that day
When i hosted the party
My retirement .
Little did i knew
About the ten years left
But sadly, my lady love
She left me two years earlier.
I was still young said everyone
Was ten years, such a big deal!??
I was thinking and thinking
It was then i noticed that
Slightest change in his place
Yes, moon was shifting.
The dispersed lights
Gave the hope of new day.
I had never enjoyed the morning sky
Ever before and now when
I actually did, i was just a matter.
Sat there staring at the interposition
Of how moon was displaced
By the solar rays
Yes the bright yellow ball
Now i could feel it's warmth
The morning mist from the old peeple
Felt like the morning was divine.
For the past seventy years.
Inside the four walls of home
I was unfortunate,
to miss the ecstacy
Thinking about the bliss
It was already the new sun shine
The old bats came back
So that the sparrows could leave
musings of nightingale. And
The lovely butterflies
Came to give tribute
They sat beside for the morning session.
It was noon ...
Sun decided to be the brightest.
Shifting me into the shade
Of old peeple beside
The power nap was broken
With a shrieking cry of someone
Oh then i realised
For it was my son
Paying tribute to my funeral.
The magnificent white roses
Yes, i could feel the scent
The same from the lawn
I planted years before
He miss me, i guess
Demises are meant to be.
Now i am delighted.
For i am resting in peace
I have no pain to have
But, a total of complete happiness...
Abiding goodbye to him
I decided to have a walk
Around the graves
To freshen my memories
For i have to stay here for the next forty days to come
Fortunately, i was alone
Nobody to disturb my soulful pleasure.
Read aloud the graves i recognised
And Davis.
They were my family.
I was wondering
For where are they now
If been here, then could be a company.
Yes, there goes for Rachel
My wife, my companion.
I could still cherish that day
Our union, when we united.
The day i fell in for white
Because she was wearing that
Not less that the purest of pure
Not less than an angel on earth
With the steps forward,
I realised, my life, its gonna change
She literally did,
Her hands upon mine and mine in her
Forever and ever.
Departing from her was the biggest fear
But the strongest love.
The love that hurts the most
The day our son was born.
I could feel the pain she had been through
That cry of her, i still wonder
How gifted are these ladies!!
Whom god gave the motherhood
If i had been there, seeing the blood
Vanished forever would be.
Mere syringe was enough
To get the soul out
Forage is yet to be done
She might be peeking
From somewhere up
Waiting for my arrival
Dozens of things to share
For all these years we lost..

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