Flashlight, Flashlight

Flashlight, flashlight, please ignore me
I walk these woods alone with no intention to be seen
Flashlight, flashlight, shine your beam elsewhere
Upon the broken branches, dispel the darkness where they stare
Shine yourself upon the monsters that walk these very woods
Beat your light upon the branches in every place they stood
But you could never catch the demons in these woods I walk
They'll always be behind you, for everyone is who they stalk
Flashlight, flashlight, let your light burn out
And you can die in peace, as a fallen angel's wings
Flashlight, flashlight, I beg you to ignore me
I want to live, I want to breathe, and right now light won't help me
Flashlight, flashlight, I think I hear them coming
The chance I have is not a lot
I guess you're the only shot I've got
So, flashlight, flashlight, please can you help me

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