Flawlessly Perfect

Is there something wrong with me?
Am I not good enough for your high expectations that tower over me like the dreams I cannot yet reach?
I’m told every day that I’m not yet good enough, that I have to be flawlessly perfect to even fall in love.
Brush your hair, spray perfume, and don’t forget your makeup!
Maybe you should eat less, you've gotten a bit chubby.
Don’t just sit on the couch, go take a run, you have to be perfect.
What a stupid word.
I want to be me. I don’t want to be perfect.
Perfect is boring.
I want to eat pizza and play video games.
I want to enjoy a bag of chips without worrying about the carbs.
I want to look at a magazine and see beautiful women who are not pretty because of how slim her waist is,
But of how honest she is about her body.
I want to be in a world, in a society where a girl can be who she is without obsessing over her weight, or how her nose is shaped.
I don’t want to be perfect.
There’s nothing wrong with that.
I’m tired of reaching for this perfect image that society has put on a pedestal.
You tell me I’ll never amount to anything if I’m not pretty.
I’d rather be beautiful.
Not flawlessly perfect.

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This Poems Story

In society today, kids are putting their image as their basic priority. Instead of being confident in who they are and not what they look like, Kids and teenagers are believing they have to be flawless to be beautiful. That they need to be flawlessly perfect.