Sometimes, everyone feels dumb
Standing there with no care

But no one is perfect
Though that doesn’t mean you aren’t worth it

I wish I new what clothes to wear,
What shoes are trendy, what jewels to share

I wish I could kick a ball into the sky,
To giggle and gossip and know not to cry

I wish I could be on top of the world,
Soaring and flying, unnatatched from a cord

I wish I looked perfect, with flawless skin,
A movie star face, and a slim body within

But I am not, I will never be,
And that I okay

Because in our world,
Being perfect means you have not learned anything

It is okay to have flaws, it is okay to make wistakes,
Because that is just our life, and that will never change

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    This Poems Story

    Everyone has those days where they feel insecure. Everyone has those days where they wish they were someone else. But really, these are just your flaws. And they are a part of life. Really, the real challenge is overcoming these losses. Because once overcome them, you have discovered the key to success.