Don't tell me there's no flaws in our society
when half the population suffers from anxiety,
when the voices that insult us are trapped within our head,
when we wake up in the morning wishing we were dead,
when depression is more common than people's lives that feel content,
when every time we see the moon, we feel the day wasn't well-spent,
when everyone still feels alone while in a crowded room,
and some of us would rather be placed down into a tomb,
when the easiest four words should be "I love you too,"
but they're much harder to utter than "I really hate you,"
when little girls are skipping meals in favor of a waist,
and lies of "I'm not hungry" are all that we can taste,
when young girls cry themselves to sleep
would rather drown in oceans deep,
when ropes are found attached to necks
instead of tied to harbor decks,
when we all lie and say we're fine,
then say we never saw the signs,
when people only start to care
after they see an empty stare,
after the final note is read,
after their hands feel cold, eyes dead,
when pressure, stigma, hate prevail,
when we're all told it's wrong to fail,
when calls for help are much too hard
because we're told to keep our guard.

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