Fleeting Paradise

Feels like it was just yesterday
Those moments filled with bliss
But now it's all so empty, barren like a grave
It's safe to say everything loses its luster
Eventually, but, I hoped this would be different
So I emptied my heart and revealed my soul
For a moment; I was deluded
Yet I, now know I was mistaken
I was, deceived by the enthralls of infatuation
But now I recognize, it was all done in vain
Brushed away by the unyielding tide of fate
Yet I can't help but reminisce
Calling forth into the abyss
Where did I go wrong? I shall never know
With those eyes that shone like moonlight
You promised me, under the night sky, we would be
Together for eternity, not even death could do us part
I wanted nothing more than to believe you,
But deep down in the depths
Of my conscience, I knew it couldn't be so

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