Flesh Meat

Ah, a customer, come sir and please take a seat
Enter this butchery of freshly cut meat
I have human eyes that sparkle like angels diamonds in the midnight skies
Cataracts being the veil of the moon
This at times, makes people swoon
I have human legs, some are nice, and some are plain
Athletic is very priced, flimsy is very sane;
Sorry for the inconvenience but fatty is all sold out
That stuff disappears like the water in a drought
I have human arms, except for the pit
I'm sure all that hair would make it hard to spit
I have human hearts filled with love, filled with sorrow
Such a taste will bring you back tomorrow
I have human liver, so bland but oh so good in stew...
What's that? You can't make it?
I can deliver this to you
Human intestines, human feet, all of these are freshly cut
Right from the source, right from the butt
I have human heads still on the hook
And I know by now you're giving me that look
It's the look that everyone gives on their first visit
But when they leave they come back because they missed it
It's the look of abhorrence, one you'd express after witnessing an arrest
But I can tell you now I'm as innocent as a bird that fell out of its nest
Murderer's wear beautiful masks
Ones that don't even last
They tell long tales, long lies
Making them just as irritating as the flies who are trying to lay eggs in my tasty eyes
But who am I to complain when I'm the one that gains?
This doesn't seem fair when they do all the hard work
And I just get their wonderful perks
Enough of this rant
What will you buy?
Quickly now I don't have much time
Why, another customer?
Come in sir, please take a seat
Here comes a batch of freshly cut meat
Where do I get them you ask?
Sorry if I'm rude, I know you won't intrude
But if you're buying then you're lucky to have something so delicious to eat
And if you're not I'm afraid I have to escort you out the door
Because you see sir, business is business and I am a seller,
Not a tale teller

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