Flesh is when the man
causes Flesh to be summoned
creating the Flesh of a child
pulled from the Flesh of a woman
Flesh will birth the living into existence
Flesh will then bury the dead
Flesh knows no hidden difference
between the Flesh that only bleeds red
Flesh is of the skin
Flesh is of a color
black ,brown , white , or blend
Flesh has always been just a cover
Flesh is just images of sin
when Flesh paints privileges of others
Flesh is where your eyes begin ….& then parts
but my Flesh isn’t the master of peace
Its like a fresh canvas without the art
you see a Flesh ,but you can’t see me.
is it the Flesh in whom you seek ?
but see… the Flesh isn’t who I am
my Flesh without my soul
Is the Flesh of an empty man
so why let Flesh multiply our lows …& create our divides
between a Flesh thats truly one and for all ?
If we continue to allow the Flesh to dictate powers & prides
It will surely cause Flesh to be one of our greatest downfalls.

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