By familiar perception, betrayed again. Thought a proven traitor, plagued by sin.
Against all will, forced to play. Who to spare and who to save?
Feverish beats and weeping pores, a private journey to open ancient sores.
Senses freed from reality’s grasp, this terror blooms, lack of steel in grasp.
Never ready, but thriving the same. Love and hate and dread and shame.
Icy veins bring fear in tow. Fear plays a friend, all others foe.
Dust and fire, sweat and sun. Converging on evil, day is won.
Task completed, and the standard met, it isn’t quite through, not just yet.
Made to want what shouldn’t be sought, with ended lives, redemption is bought.
A crimson drop in a crimson puddle, a party to murder, made nearly subtle.
Never ending without great sadness, these vivid escapes laced with madness.
Sudden end, left ravaged and weak. Pain rests on heart, and salt on cheek.

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