These flies spend their time living in my mind.
Their buzzing keeping me awake time after time.
Those flies can't really be flies, i stop telling myself these lies.
They are my cries, my lies, my truths, my misguided youth.
My dying wish to be loved, my prayers to uncertain gods from above.
The monsters under my bed, the loneliness in my head.
Memories i won't forget, others that fill me with regret.
Past present and future, forever intertwined.
Always and forever, always and never.
Those flies, My fears, my virtues, my flaws.
They become my armor, a thin veil of protection.
Protecting me from certain madness, protect me from my worst enemy.
They become my only allies in this uphill battle against myself.
These flies have become all i've got, all i am.
I just wish they'd learn to be a little quieter.

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