Flies and Butterflies

What's all this about the fly?
And its buzz heard when you die?
Seems silly, but I know it's true;
A fly shows up out of the blue;
At times like when a mean man dies;
And, strangely, there appears a fly;
Like in my kitchen the biggest fly;
After the funeral when a brother died.
And in the room upon the death
When a killer took his last breath.

And, whoa! Look there! Two big flies,
Buzzing around an old aunt's service!
Is it John and Junior, her son and his
Buzzing around, not missing this?
Or is one she, a fly, no less,
Paying her debt for stealing the dress?

Then there are butterflies some see;
If not a fly or ant or bee;
Appearing on the funeral day
Of a loved one in the month of May;
Or any other time of year.
So we wonder if what we hear
Means there's truth to what some say?

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