Expressive beauty captured by grace
Enraptured by a moment in this foreign place
Angel wings fly outward as she is lifted high
Above her contradictions, self-judgment and cries
Spinning around lights flash on her wings
Reflecting the tattered, worn, broken things
Slowly descending while lips kiss her way down
Unafraid to once again touch the ground
Strong hands grab tightly pulling her in
Swaying and grinding, breathing each other in
Close and then closer their bodies become
Movements perfectly balanced as if they were one
Passionate kisses are their only refrain
But the music continues and so once again
Twisting and twirling
Compliments swirling
Strong-sculpted arms lift her above
Touching her soul in a way that screams love
Fully-clothed lovemaking on a floor full of eyes
Hooking and draping on each other's thighs
Too much for the senses, must have a break
Not enough time and too much at stake
Must leave it all on the dance floor with him
Dangerously close as they thrust and they spin
Time moves too fast, one more lift, one more kiss
No way for him to know he has filled her with bliss
Given a gift, what she needs most in life
Held on his frame, wings to fly high
Strong arms to catch her when she falls and she cries
"My soul is wide open and it's time for my flight"

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