Flip Flops In The Sand

Daddy please tell when jets soared through the sky,
when religion was free and nobody died.
But now is a time when innocence falls,
nobody hears all the tormented calls.
What do we do when people need help?
We seem to be sleeping, we just keep to ourselves.
Where is the fire that kept mankind free?
We let evil run wild; just how can that be?
Daddy tell me and please hold my hand;
how do boots on the ground keep flip flops in the sand?

Son I will tell you so please listen close.
Yesterday's world is gone like a ghost.
A new world is rising so you better strap in.
The rule for this new world is to sink or to swim.
The rules they are changing, some think that they should.
Some think they know better, that it's "all for the good".
But don't forget how we got here, those remarkable men,
who fought tooth and nail, then put paper to pen.
The rules they put down will survive through the ages.
They'll keep us all free and not living in cages.
But those they are old rules, let's let them all go.
Old rules can't be good written so long ago.
But Son, those old rules were written to withstand.
They're how boots on the ground keep flip flops in the sand.

This world is handed down, Son, so please understand.
They're why boots on the ground keep flip flops in the sand.

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