Depression is my acceptance for rejection
And maybe it's cause i'm an adolescent
Or maybe it's something deeper
Maybe from talking to you through marked cellulars
As you staggered to your cell and i got pushed back down to hell
And not hell as in the sense it's hot ass hell
But it is But when your alone in the crowd
When you're starved from what's needed
though you never had it you feel as if you need it
Like water when your deserted in the desert defeated
And your hope is floating between missing and never existed
You were my water and i was dehydrated
Those were the times i hated
Those were the times you were hated Feeling unappreciated
I wanted you to need me as much as i needed you because i needed you
But you never felt the need to
Or you never had the chance to
There was never a me and you
It turned into a me, you, he, she
Never a time for us Always made time for we
But we doesn't include just you and me
So i never felt the need to
No I never felt needed
Cause i was never filled with me and you
And you were satisfied with we
The chance of just us is
Floating between missing and never existed

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