Floating Feathers

Bountiful feathers are floating to the ground -
Swaying, gently, with ease.
Their presence is light and airy -
Drifting along in the breeze.

Soon, some feathers strayed away,
And soon the wind fought back.
Stress began to weigh it down,
And the lone feather couldn't pick up the slack.

Now the feather stands alone -
Too heavy too be picked off the ground.
It can't move on - afraid to go forward -
Alone and weak, it can't rebound.

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This Poems Story

This is all metaphors about growing up. As a child, everything is easy, like floating away in the breeze with all your friends. However, as you grow up, some friends will leave you and you'll be left alone to deal with all the stress that life has to throw at you.