Floating in Light

Cerulean water,
smooth as glass,
glides gracefully over the velvety skin that remains
anchored down by the aerial weight of a million lucent stars.
Bounded by reality, I gaze into the limitless depth of space,
and where the sea kisses the sky,
the past and future stop to shake hands.
Engulfed by the numbing water,
I listlessly skim my bare skin through its crystalline surface.
Awoken by the swirling water,
multitudes of phosphorescent jellyfish abounding around me
reflect the shimmering pale glow of the burnt-out moonbeams.
As if animated by the breath of the omniscient sea,
the jellyfish synchronically conflate into an ephemeral mass,
before aimlessly drifting away
to further illuminate the somber waves.
For a fleeting moment,
the breadth of the sea is enthralled by the azure incandescence
of an innumerable multitude of vitreous jellyfish.
Without delay, the shimmering gold thread of dawn
infuses its light into the silver blanket of night,
and the burnt-out moonbeams reflecting off the
hyaline limbs of the jellyfish
ardently evaporate into the crystalline air,
imperceptibly waiting for the charcoal twilight to reclaim it.

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