Flooding waves of the past

What flashing storms of title waves that tend to strike and in demons trying to pull me down . i smiled and laughed in his face for he thought the foods took me under and let me drown until i faced it even one wave at a time and drawing in everything that he once thro at me as i grew stronger day by day i soon began to draw a wind of force soon to conquer the demons that i had once faced that then i found the true foundations in what strength i held the devil had now looked so small and i was stronger then he new and with a forceful push " i was a hurricane of true fight of force that he carried what he threw upon me until he became no more and not even my past but a distantly faded memorie of not pain or even my own struggle but by what strength i had gained and to know as a reminder of when i thought i couldnt but with greater hands at work and power i grew into not what was said to make me but growing strength with in me placing everything that was to put me down and soon learned it wasnt just survival but that i stood taller then i ever had with such endurance and force i stood on my own two feet and now what storm i face is a reminder of what i never thought i could become and not of what i was then of dwindling weakness because it took practice to stand were i am now because i am not my last hour or past and i am present and i choose life and love .

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Its about the very essence of change and knowing you can conquer it all and because we are human we change every day and hour and therefore we are never the same.