Flourishing With the Universe

I am gazing up in the sky,
Looking up at the stars,
Wondering why are some so close,
And why some so far apart.

I am seeing the landscape, hills and mountains.
How one is subjected to drills,
and one ensuing natural fountains.
How tall pieces of rocks account for the peaks,
While flat ones pave way to ground
At one we have esse null,
While on other, life very much buzzing around.
How boundless is the ocean,
Home to various ecosystems
As if making relations to the blood,
But once you cross the limit of aggravating it,
It flares up tsunamis and floods.
Blue, green are the colors of water my eyes perceive,
But I ultimately remembered that
Water is eventually colorless
And the colors I see are nature's deceit.

The three domains so different from each other,
Yet perdure to be integrated,
Teaches us to accept each other
And stay delighted and vindicated.

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This Poems Story

IN THE POEM I HAVE PRESENTED MY VISION OF THE SIMILARITY IN THE HUMAN BEHAVIOUR AN THE THREE DOMAINS OF UNIVERSE (SKY, LAND, AND WATER). The stars in the sky present in constellations are close to each other while some are very far distant from each other showing the human behavior how we are so are becoming more coming together with technology but still getting isolated. The high mountains having null vegetation shows that the higher you have negative emotions, the more you are going to feel the void and the flat ground depicts that the grounder you are the more you are approachable and adored. Coming to the oceans, the ocean is so vast, that it is home to varied and rich biodiversity representing a person having a pure heart that he is available for everyone . But if you harm them time and again ultimately a time will come when the person wont tolerate it and you may lose him.