She stands there
A beautiful flower
Growing in the dark so she can hide
Hide from all the greedy men in this life.

She grew up not to trust those men
Because she knew their intent
To pull her from her roots
And deflower her

But one day you taught her how to love
So she let her beautiful petals show
Something she did for no other man

But you were just like those men
You tore her away and deflowered her
Then left her to wilt while thinking that it was all her fault
That she messed up when you abandoned her

You took advantage of her trust then threw her away

And as you walk the fields to see that all the other flowers have hidden their petals because you couldn't cherish the ones you once touched with your hands

I hope your proud of deflowering her
And leaving her to never kiss the sun again

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The poem is about a woman losing her flower and being abandoned.