Flower Boy

Yellow all over the room,
Flowers yet to bloom.
A boy sits in the back of my class,
Nevers says a peep or a word in fact.
He looks so lonely,
Yet so kind.
To be his friend is all I have in mind.
Flower boy,
Flower boy,
Oh, what is up with you,
You’re different from the others and that is true.
Something off.
Something different.
Maybe it's your eyes,
Your clothes,
Your hair,
Maybe it's the fact you just there.
Your dark brown hair and hazel eyes,
The yellow crown fits quite nice.
A yellow beauty to see.
It suits you so well as so it seems.
To be a flower boy's friend is all I wish for,
To be his sunshine in his day.
Flower boy,
Flower boy,
So mysterious,
Yet so kind.
So quiet,
yet so nice.
So smart yet so dumb,
Flower boy,
You are my number one.
The green grass,
And blue sky,
The white clouds that are up so high.
Flower boy,
Flower boy,
To sit and watch you read.
To understand your breed.
To take in the nice air,
To understand what's there.
A yellow flower sits on my desk.
I wonder who it's from,
Can you guess?

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