Flowers For Life

Alstroemria – Friendship
playful days spent in yellow sunlight, midday
when trees were homes, and fields were oceans
sunset meant end of day, sunrise meant time to play
goodbye’s brought tears, but never meant a thing
Peony – Bashful
your eyes became more blue, the light more gold
I wasn’t fragile and you weren’t strong, careful – perhaps
your eyes carried me, but my hand you did not hold
scared to touch, scared to speak your mind – for now
Daffodil – Chivalry
you held my groceries, and opened my doors
your mouth was opened, but your mind was not
joking, you hated me but you didn’t – a lot
Prueta, King – Daring
jokes turned into stunts, making me flustered
your arm around my shoulder, titled me yours
I was not for you, making my heart sore
but the teasing didn’t cease, separate were our lives
Snapdragon – Desire
the tugs on my hair became gentler, less harsh
you took me home from dates-gone-wrong
slipping me notes when I no longer felt strong
something changed in you, strong and soft
The Beginning
you came in the early hours, when I was most alone
urgent, and kind, you need me to awaken
there's something you need me to know, tell me
rocks on my window, brandishing a tulip

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