Flowers in Reverse

Flowers in reverse
For today was a new flower,
A flower of new voice,
The blooming petals of our conversation,
For blooming was expected, but not
To happen, only flowers in reverse.
Flowers in reverse was the product of time,
No further beauty or leaf like a vine.
A bloom of perfection is heavenly divine,
Hence however your voice suppressed,
The blooming of mine.
Flowers in reverse are never to fully bloom,
Our talk and thoughts only consume,
Your cold-like bloom could never suffice,
For my heart filled bloom is nothing,
But not enough.
How my flowers in reverse pain me to
Think or know you.
A promise from God so untrue to you,
Still searching, always searching, for the heart of beauty bloom
That you should have noticed in me,
But your flowers in reverse will never have thee.
The solace of my bloom will have to be enough.
For the rest of my life,
I will resolute to me,
Your flowers in reverse
To be suffered by me.

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