fluid love

What is it?
When we know that our hearts are tied to the presence of another being
The warmth of their touch,
But most importantly the warmth of their love

The drunken nights away,
But still knowing at the end of the night they find themselves wrapped around only you

The love in knowing that through every bicker,
You find only them standing at the other side of the door,
Waiting for you to open it,
Just like you do every time

What is it?
When the poison flows first and the brain kicks in after,
And a slam of a door seals a message that is set to expire,
Because the door can never truly stay shut

What is it?
It’s love,
A fluid love, alive in every deep talk,
In every embrace,
In every reunion and rooted in every moment of forgiveness

What is it?
It’s love even in the briefest of ways,
And the door never truly stays shut,
It’s fibers growing stronger in every memory and laugh,
But that is the power of the thing that is love

It grows,
It stays,
It listens,
It’s there waiting at the other side of the door,
Even if the same person is not

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