Fly Away

Crazy how someone can tell when things aren't rite;
Only thing known was it was a cold rainy nite;
Waking up to people pounding on my house and door;
Fear in their voice as it trembled and roared;
Rushing quickly to be by your side;
Shaking in fear, trying not to cry;
Looking down at you as you lied in that bed;
Thought after thought running through my head;
Trying to grasp what was really going on;
I could tell in your face you was already gone;
It was hard to take in what the doctors kept saying;
Only God knew my answer, so I kept on praying;
Waiting in pain and sorrow, day by day;
Seven days went by, and there you still laied;
Through all the damage done you still tried to fight;
Little did we all know, you was drifting toward the light;
As the machines stopped beeping and started to drop;
I grasp your cold hands tightly, and they were hard as a rock;
I opened my eyes as tears rolled down my face;
Though it was hard letting go, but knew you was in a better place;
Rest in peace Daddy, for I will see you again;
I know your my Angel above, and this isn't the end.

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