Fly Back to You

Ah! To spread jewel colored wings and soar.
Oh, the life I could lead as but a tiny beautiful bird.
To what great heights could my hallowed bones take me?
What spectacular sights could my eyes perceive
From floating and gliding atop the wind?

If I was a long legged blue heron I would crane my neck
In order to scout the sea of shining waters.
Feeling the cool water swell over my legs each pink and yellow sunrise
Would only increase the need to dive in and grab the morning fish.
Dashing and daydreaming about the water’s edge-
Yes, ever vigilant should I be, if I were but a heron by the sea.

Though what of the majestic peacock?
With feathers fit to stage the great dazzling palaces of the east.
Greens, golds, and the richest blues would make Royalty itself bow.
My iridescent feathers would enrich any who gazed upon them.
Faithful and graceful qualities perchance I would have.
Ever regal should I be, if a peacock’s body was given to me.

Perhaps the vibrant songbird might make a suitable alternative.
A song could never be more glorious than that from my smooth beak.
Mellifluous strains would gently rain upon forest floors
How could I keep from joyfully sharing my gift with others?
My deer friends Athena and Hermes could bask in the aura of song.
Ever bewitching should my melodies be, if I were a songbird in a tree.

Yet, a parrot sounds exciting in so many regards
Primary colors would do no justice to my outgoing personality
I would love to talk and joke to those who came my way
A simple “hello, how ya doin’?” would put a smile on any passerby’s face.
Commanding and capturing attention is what I would do best.
Ever charismatic should I be, if I were a prolix parrot free

Ah, if I could but shed my life as man like a snake sheds his skins.
Oh, if I could but be a bird for one day!
Daydreaming, gleaming, singing, joking.
Whether a heron, a peacock, a songbird, or a parrot
Of one thing I am certain, love
That my jewel colored wings will forever fly back to you.

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