Flying Without Wings

Seven O rings from seven hills,
Became the Big Dipper, became a sparkling spoon.
Then a mountain smoked, blew a Moon,
With breezy mind, with breezy wind,
Sang seven giggling pipes a merry tune.
"Once upon a time, during a cozy June,
Over a dune came a goon,
To scratch my back, to patch my crack,
To go over my peak to marry a loon.
Under his feet a broken cocoon,
A brilliant idea, a confident croon.
For several lights and several nights,
He wrapped himself in a cloth,
Sleeping like a snoring moth.
He waited his metamorphosis till he died,
but his winged soul never cried,
As he was ready to glide with his pride.
He yelled the smartest thing I'd ever heard.
‘From pills to hills,
No matter how hard you swing,
Nothing flies without a wing!' "
Hungry G, dining spree,
Swallowed the ascending hills, with the sparkling spoon,
While the mountain was staring beneath the Moon.
With desolate mind, a desolate wind,
Sighed an empty pipe a sorrowful tune.

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