For You

By E   

I could’ve been a bluebird
Unfettered to mimic your trajectory about
in a moments notice
But how long does a bird live?

I tried the daytime
But the night is more my style
I like black and storms and sometimes anger
And you quickly found that out.

I wrote a poem
That I thought was good
It had love in it and it was well thought out
And had blue in it
Now an old soiled monument no one ever looks at anymore.

I could’ve chosen to be a rock
For days when the moon affects you in a certain way
And leaving is the only answer
But you’re a tough opponent when you really want a win.

I composed a song
Once and it had softness in it
And as I remember you liked it very much
Until the day it made you cold
And you used hate as a description for it

I was once a flower
And it had tenderness in it
It was your favorite color
But I didn't last enough before I died
If I only could have lasted just one more moment

I wanted to dance a waltz in Vienna
Dance it all night long
It meant touching till the end of time
But I was never much a dancing type

I wanted the world
It’s big and wonderful and made of people
I could only wish to describe it to you
I was late for that, you had already been there once or twice
And what you wanted wasn’t really what you wanted

I was beautiful
Far too long ago .

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