Distractions, temptations, materialism
Trapped and embedded inside my thoughts
Overpowering the will to thrive beyond my limits
As strength and courage are demostrated greatly
Believing in the mindset I have to conquer these unwanted needs
and transform them into much needed wants
I deliver in such a dynamic performance
Need not to be afraid to express my true nature
Unmask that hatred, that anger, that monster that continues to possess you
and continue to show that amazing performance I've trained my entire life for
To maintain stability and charisma
To condition my body and soul with wisdom and righteousness
Become the most valuable peson I've never imagined myself to become
Defeat the evil with and channel in the guiding light
for this light will keep me focused
It will help build my inner self
My conscience and subconscience
to push me forward to success and victory
Just as long as I look at the bigger picture
Look in the mirror and tell myself
"You will prevail. You will overcome. You will be focused.
God is by my side through each and every step of the way.
Never fear or doubt myself for I will become the best version of me ever.
Have faith and prosperity and always remember this one word on my journey....

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This Poems Story

This poem is about me trying to tell myself not to give up on myself and keep fighting for a good life. I have dealt will lots of struggles and stress that I cannot let my fears continue to beat me up and I have to push to see better. Its about me staying on the right path and keeping my focus.