Foggy Mirror

Coating your identity
That isn't mistakable.
That mask cringing at its grasp
Has fused and become so profound to your face.
Hard and cold to touch,
The arch in your brow
The snare of your dismay.

While, metal is encasing,
Holding in deep, harsh, breaths,
Taking over the undertone of your lip,
With every grimacing wink
I feel you stare to rip out my soul,
So that piece missing in your mask will grow
As you hide behind steel.

I can't break you any more than I can mold you.
Thousands of words
Have shattered, already broken.
I see the pieces missing
So you shelter your inner thoughts with a facial shield.

Reflecting back no solution, no answer
But a faint resemblance of yourself.
Stepping back to try to see it clearer,
Reflected in his mask like a foggy mirror.

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