Following her way to end

walking beneath the cherry blossom,
the serene season of autumn,
experiencing aesthetic nature around
dealing with the state of astound

perceiving the cantibile lilt,
from a beautiful roving jilt,
a incomplete tale in her eyes
filled with emotions and agonize

exploring for a new way
abandoning her thoughts farway,
shadowing her to see her end,
nor my beloved neither my friend.

A moment came when she stopped
gazing at sky she silently sobbed
tardily she looked behind
a streak of light took my mind.

below a tree I opened my eyes with aghast,
realising a decade was passed,
my soul got disheartened
recalling the thing that happened.

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This Poems Story

This is poem is about a man who was wandering in Cherry blossom ......experiencing beauty and he saw a glimpse of beautiful girl and he started following her way and he noticed that her eyes were filled with pain and agony....he was not related to her but he felt somehow he was connected to her....after a while she stopped and started looking at sky....she slowly turned behind ...AND a beam of light passed...after some time he found himself under a tree and realised that a decade was passed....