Tell it to Jezebel,
'you're not my ringing bell. your painted lips never mind to kiss and a banquet of flower never to see'.
If she answers, tell her am gone and free from stunners.

Go, tell future I come in April..
If she answers,tell her 'my flowers are planting and if by may it's yielding,I will call my friends and echoes her beauty'.

Tell it to old age'i come with presents'.
If she's happy and jumping,tell her my black beard is gathering specks of grey'.

If Jezebel and future and old age ignore my message, tell them 'i never keep bunches of failure in friendship'.

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This Poems Story

It\'s addressing my friend who dump me for a box of faded gold and diamond. She\'s in love with a player and fast forwarding my undiluted love for cash. I am upset with her and wish I never knew her. Now, telling her to come back to me if she wishes but if by chance he never see me good to be with,I will chose another and love and never to think of her and keep her in my heart again