Fonagut Nantuk Brahm

The Fonegut Nantuk Brahm
slid into the morning sun
and burst out in the fresh sea breeze.
The sails filled in a puff of white,
the frames heaved over on a roll,
down and swoosh up spray,
as in a dancing twirling play.
Could it be true what many say,
that dreams should pass yet another day?
Sometimes rough and tumble as the seas,
sometimes gentle-soft as when on our knees.
Without ever once that thought, that nudge
that would make us reach and even touch inside our very souls?
What is that longing? That mourning of lost places and its lost graces?
But maybe, in passing time, one may slip
and in a quick sweet moment's embrace
glimpse that glimmering heart of hearts.
But, oh, that foolish Fonegut Nantuk Brahm
suddenly leaps forward with its puffed white sails,
and the morning sky clear and endless
and.again there, that glimmer,
that breathless shimmer.
Or was it just a dream, drunk with the sea?
As the frames heave over on a roll, woosh down.
and there, again, that whisper of its sweet, brief secrets
in the trough, and up again through the spray
on the never-ending dancing dream
play of the Fonegut Nantuk Brahm.

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