Food For Thought

Are we the apex,
the climax of existence?
Or is there yet another layer,
another realm
or sphere of being,
beyond the comprehension
and awareness
of the human mind?

As the animal is to the plant,
so is the plant to the rock.
What can the rock
know of the power of growth?
What can the vegetable
know of the senses?
What can the animal know
of human comprehension,
imagination and logic,
of self-awareness,
of good and evil choices,
and the ability to think in abstract?

Cohesion - the power of the rock
Cohesion and growth - the powers of the plant
Cohesion, growth and sensory perception -
the powers of the animal
Growth, sensory perception,
imagination, comprehension and reasoning
- the powers of the human soul.

So are we the apex
or is there more?
And yet.....
puny are we.
Powerless and unaware,
imagining we are invincible
and know all there is to know,
until an earthquake or tornado
reminds us of our vulnerability,
humbles us,
and puts us in our place.

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