Food for Thoughts

Is this the way it was supposed to be?
Or did you create your own destiny?
Don't bite the hand that feeds you,
Couldn't be more true.
Lies, secrets and deceit exists among a few.
In life there are many who will break you or make you,
Hopefully someone you help make don't break you.
It's a scary scary world out there,
It gets more frightening everyday.
Peace love and harmony,
I'm not sure it will find its way.
Can you live with the choices you make?
Are you the kind of person who giveth or take?
I see greed I see lonely I see you hanging on a thread through a device living this life, is it real or is it fake?
Time. Is a waste to think about. It comes, it goes. Brings many friends and foes.
There's not enough I want more.
There's too much, I can't wait for the next door.
Years have passed, days fly by.
Family, family, family....sigh sigh sigh.
In the end it's you for you, eye for eye.
Or me for me. Get it? Don't you see?
Through your eyes. Open them and listen.
Your ears only see what you want you to hear.
Everyone is around yet no one is really near.
Push a button for communication, watch life grow in a picture.
Take me back to the past days,
I'm not sure about the future.
Is this the way it was supposed to be?
Or did you create your own destiny......

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