A look at you, set bombs off in my head
I knew that you would be trouble when we first met
all your lies, making me believe that you were well read
Just that one night, made me think that we were set

But then goodbye came, faster than hello
You seemed so eager, just to leave me alone
After you, I couldn't trust another fellow
Until she talked with me all night on the phone

Something that you, would never have done
But you, you're still the one that I want
When I was with you, my mind kept telling me to run
Yet my heart, kept telling me to stay put

So back to you I come, it feels so natural, so nice
All the warning bells are ringing, but I'm not leaving
Perhaps only a fool makes the same mistake twice
Only to feel my heart shatter without being able to get any repairing

I'll always be the fool
In this little world, forever

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