Fool for Love

I was a fool for love....
that night I got jumped for you.
Tried to beat life out of me
when I got stomped for you.
You didn't love me then
like u don't love me now.
You just cared enough to stop them
dethroning a king with a headless crown.
Surrounded, it was like a pack of wolves
round a lion bound.
Just penetrated you on the bleachers for a hour
so barely had strength to even stand my ground.
It was no stopping them
as if they wanted blood
and I was deer, they were hounds.
Not long did it take me to know I wouldn't win,
I was at peace, barely made a sound.
Same time I reflected on days I fought like a champ.
The biggest and baddest fell I was pound for pound.
Now I'm on the ground
just lying there feeling each person hit me,
stomp me, pound by pound.
See this fight was over a girl that was mine
but she still lived with her ex so to a sense she wasnt.
Would had never met her
if she wasn't best friends with my cousin.
I wasted no time when I saw her beauty
in other words I rushed in.
I was a fool for love.

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