Foolish Pride

He's wondering what he's done.
She's walking out the door.
He's shaking his head,
and she wants nothing more.

She leans on friends to cope.
He takes his time to think.
She's blaming herself,
while his ego begins to shrink.

He regrets it all.
She'll never forgive,
never forget.
Swears it's something she'll never relive.

He knows she shouldn't pay for this.
what happened, she won't tell.
He tries to apologize,
She wishes she never fell.

She lost her sense of trust.
He says he's lost it all.
She doesn't care anymore,
He's talking to a wall.

He knows this is it.
She knows this is where they stand.
Neither of them could have seen,
what fate had planned.

He should have fought for her more.
Maybe she should have given in.
Both so foolishly,
let their pride win.

What was lost,
No one knows for sure.
Love, Trust, potential pain,
neither could bare to endure.

She moves on.
He lives day to day.
Both wonder every now and then,
about the one who got away.

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