Foot in Mouth Disease

Have you said something that didn't come out right,
Words linger and at times sting like a scorpion bite.
Better to think about the words before you speak
So your word reception might not be so bleak.

The art of saying something at just the right time.
To ejaculate bitter words and quick to chime.
Just in time to remove one foot that's inserted,
To replace it with the other foot when blurted.

Mastering the art of putting my foot in my mouth
Saying things that seem to go straight south.
Yes, I've earned first place and won the trophy.
My own personal section of the classical strophe.

We must be careful how we frame our words.
For often times the true intent is never heard.
Many times the interpreted sentiment is skewed,
The recipient receives them, they're misconstrued.

What is it that's said about the tongue untamed
It can cut like a two edged sword when inflamed.
So be careful to bridle the tongue before you speak,
Or you too will ail from the foot in mouth disease.

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