My story is unwritten,
blank pages to be filled,
with room to explore
the unexplored,
as we all seek out to satisfy such thrills.
I'm the one you've only heard about,
who you'll never fully understand.
Its in my favor to stay to myself,
never following commands.
Don't be boring be unforgettable.
Be someone no one could replace.
Different is a great thing,
which you'll soon learn to embrace.
Find your place in the world,
amongst all those who remain.
If you fail to find a spot,
then a spot you must create.
Be fearless and aggressive, take chances as you go.
Never assume anything,
unless your sure you know.
Be the set of footprints, others try to mimic in the sand.
Set a good example for the children of the land.
Ride the waves, don't be pulled under.
Always remaining in control.
Tie up all loose ends before you trip,
grab ahold and don't let go!
Be all you set out to be,and let nothing stand in your way.
Find your purpose and live it well,each and every day.

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