As I walk along the sand,
I leave footprints.
They will stay,
Until they are washed away.

As I continue to walk,
The sand doesn't last,
There is now dirt and grass.
In the dirt,
My footprints stay for short.
In the grass my prints won't stay,
The grass will continue to grow the next day.

When I finish my walk,
I am on the road.
I look back and see the story,
My footprints told.
They never lasted,
But they left an impression,
Not worth forgetting.

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This Poems Story

This poem is my interpretation on life's journey. While writing this poem the metaphors I used were there to describe my journey. The sand, dirt, and grass represent the changes in life. The footprints represent me leaving behind my legacy during my journey. My inspiration for writing this poem was the fear of being looked over. I never used to be a person that cared about not being known, but my feeling then changed, when I realized that my ideas could inspire people. When I look at the end of my road, I want to see my footprints leaving an impression.