As I walk down these halls, I see everyone's the same.
The difference is no one sees others the way they see themselves.
I walk down the halls, studying the faces and clothes of my classmates.
Then I study myself.
I am no different than the rest.
Sure my shoes are torn, my clothes are hand me downs, and I don’t dress to impress.
I don’t cake product after product on my face,
I don’t try to stand out from the crowd.
I am just me.
And you,
Well you are just you.
I don’t try to stand out but everyone knows me,
I’m known as the girl, that knows everything about everyone,
But keeps all the secrets of others and herself, quiet.
No one knows anything about me, except me.

I was once a little girl, who had the biggest smile you’ve ever seen.
My life was great.
And then it hit me.
He hit me, every chance he got.
Everytime I did something wrong, or even when I did something right.
He was abusive.
And I called him dad.
My smile faded.
The tears,
They made puddles on my bedroom floor.
He touched my hair, I cut it.
He told me I looked pretty with makeup, I stopped wearing it.
The last time he laid his big sweaty palms on me, that’s when he disappeared.
And that’s when, I tried to move on.

As I walk down these halls staring at all the faces
I can’t help but think,
These people, they have stories.
They have pasts.
I just pray and hope they don’t have past like mine.
But my past,
My past doesn’t define me.
These footsteps are going to make a difference.
And yours,
Well yours will too.
All these steps we take on Earth, they mean something.
They change us,
They lead us.
And they will make a difference,

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