For a Friend

Poem: For a Friend
I would like to tell a friend that I love
All the poetry that a dream can contain
I would like to say to a friend that I love
All the beauty that friendship can bring
Life turns like a top with its tops
And his stockings
Indeed, you're not born with gloves on.
Yet life is a struggle
Sometimes she has a cold.
From the look of it, you feel disheartened
But beyond its painful realities
There is the magic of friendship, the sun of love
That's why my pen was born
Alone facing the sea, I listen
And the waves make their melody give
This is the moment the poet has chosen
To think of a great friend
It is disconcertingly simple
And of a mysterious beauty
She is of a body affable to the image
The virtues of a pious woman
This is my sister, my muse, my friend.

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