For A Princess I Am Not

I beg you to forgive me for a princess I am not.
And though the times have changed us, the years have not forgot,
That once I loved an angel and perhaps he loved me too,
But there came a tragic moment and he bid to me adieu.
And broken hearts are scornful when they get left behind,
So away you went; buried deep within my troubled mind.
But a man did come to save me from a pit of my despair
And though I did not want to, he retaught my heart to care.
Rage disguised a sorrow that always hung about,
And though I wished to hate you, I could not shut you out,
But still I carried on and ignorance became my bliss
And I laid to rest what I had been trying hard not to miss.
Trouble comes seeking trouble and you showed up again
Was this my curse? To have to remember the pain?
But to my surprise you did not mean me any harm
And in friendship you extended your arm.
And still I wished to hate you for leaving me there crying,
But in your eyes I saw such sorrow. Could it be you are not lying?
Dare I trust a love that perished?
Shall I trust a friend once cherished?
Sometime long ago, we should have met an end,
But though the times have changed us, I could be your friend.
Your words could always melt my fears,
But I can not forget the broken tears.
So my angel, my lover, my friend...I bid you adieu.
I waited for to long for a long lost 'I love you.'

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