For Brad

Approaching the clearing a sigh of total bliss
escapes my lips. The brown of your eyes embraces the
green of mine, forming a tree for us to rest beneath.
When I step into the clearing the thorns which I've
carried for so long fall from my feet and from my mind.
Stepping further into the clearing I look behind and
there are no signs of the tumultuous path I took to get
here. You beckon me closer by whispering those four words
I've traveled so far to hear. They float toward me and
when they reach me I am weightless. Nothing else exists
just us and the peaceful clearing you've made for me.
It is the breeze that brushes my hair from my eyes
but it is your warm hand that I feel.
It is the sun that soothes the cold that has overcome
my body but it is your comforting touch that I feel.
It is a petal that flicks away a tear falling down
my cheek but it is your lips that I feel.
Finally my eyes are ale to meet yours.
Finally my empty hands are filled with yours.
Finally I stand face to face with you
Under this tree. In this clearing.
Part of this peaceful life you've made with me.
The breeze, the leaves each and every blade of grass
urges me to kiss you. When our lips finally meet I am
overwhelmed by a feeling I had not yet experienced:

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